From Dreamer to Creator 2024: Discover the Creator in You

Unlock your potential as a content creator with our comprehensive guide. Discover the perfect platform to showcase your talents, from YouTube and TikTok to Instagram and blogging.

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From Dreamer to Creator 2024: Discover the Creator in You

We are entering an era of a constant hunger for content. 

People's appetite for fresh, scroll-stopping content is insatiable, what it means for creators is that there is always an underserved audience for a certain topic, and they might not even know that they are hungry for what you can bring them.

Let’s explore the avenues of channels and content creation styles that best align with who you are. 

Are you a YouTuber?

The idea of becoming a YouTuber could be daunting, that is probably because the YouTube content you are consuming right now originates from the biggest YouTubers on this planet, or known media companies like Last Night with John Oliver. How am I supposed to compete with them?! 

John oliver memes to remind us british people can be funny, too

If you investigate the million-subscriber YouTubers closely, they are just like normal people like you and me - meaning they look good but not with a Hollywood face, or physique of a Calvin Klein model. The skills needed for YouTube success can be learned and taught. You do not need crazy editing skills or superb storytelling techniques or start; most people hang out on YouTube to hear a funny story, enjoy some good music, and hear some jokes.

 You can consider becoming a YouTuber if 

  • You are passionate about one or two topics or you can speak to them as you engage in a conversation with your friends (like how to grow a big pumpkin or fix a motorcycle of a certain model)
  • You are open to learning editing skills, even if you have the budget to hire an editor.
  • You are committed to keeping a consistent content output. 

Remember, only use permitted music on YouTube.

Are you a TikTok creator?

TikTok has become a worldwide phenomenon because it captures the essence of the internet culture in a bite-sized format. People look for instant gratification for their hunger for excitement on TikTok. Unlike YouTube, you have some time to warm the viewers up, you need to give the TikTok viewers immediate pleasure and bursts of joy from the first second on.

If you do have the physiques of a CK model, or you have an above-average-looking face, you already have some advantages. Viewers are always interested in the POVs of attractive people. But if you don’t - which applies to 99% of the tiktok creators - you can be a TikTok Creator if you can

  • You are acutely aware of what is happening on the internet and in real life and you can form your POV. 
  • You are interested in telling your story. Aspects of your life or job that seem mundane or unremarkable to you could trigger interest to others (a day of a life of a physics student, fixing motorcycles, etc.). 
  • You are very, very funny and can craft witty lines.
  • You are (somewhat) good at playing an instrument, singing or dancing

That said, although TikTok seems easy to get started and less daunting than YouTube, it requires a very sharp acumen to play the long game.

Are you an Instagram influencer?

Instagram stands as a visually rich platform where businesses and people are establishing their branding. It is where high-quality photos and engaging stories come together giving a narrative about one’s life, interests, and passion.

Whereas it may seem easy to kick start by posting a photo or two, Instagram, unlike TikTok or YouTube - requires creators to have some level of personal branding in place to attract followers. For instance, being a guest on a Netflix reality show, a Peloton fitness instructor, or an established YouTuber can provide initial visibility to jumpstart and scale later.

Netflix Reality GIF by NETFLIX
Source: Netflix

If you are thinking about establishing a personal brand through Instagram, it is challenging but if you possess some qualities, you should consider it:

  • You live an interesting life to most people and can demonstrate it with pleasing visuals.
  • You have some sort of passion in life like bodybuilding, guitar shredding, or makeup up which can be shown in a very compelling and stroll-stopping way  
  • You have an interesting POV to breaking events that can be expressed in still image format 

Are you a podcaster? 

Podcaster, in the author’s opinion, is the most challenging arena. While certain people possess a natural talent to excel, for the most part, the qualities and traits to thrive on podcasts are less straightforward. Unlike visual platforms, where charisma and personality can be conveyed through images and videos, podcasters can only reply on their own voices (and leverage podcast background music) to captivate audiences. Consider being a podcaster, if you have:

  • Exceptional storytelling skills, interview skills, and listening skills: Many podcasts thrive on conversations, therefore it is key to asking insightful questions, controlling the rhythm for a podcast host. Without imagery to keep audiences entertained, storytelling skills are crucial. 
  • Deep knowledge of the niche: Podcasters should have a strong background in the chosen topics which is cultivated by years of input, and they should be able to navigate to adjacent fields quickly.  
  • Technical proficiency in audio recording and editing: not all podcasters start being savvy in the technical aspects, but professional-sounding content is a must in the long run.
  • Access to a network of guest speakers: Well established network is also important to keep audiences on the network. 

Are you a LinkedIn influencer?

Of all the influencers, LinkedIn Influencer is arguably the most accessible to enter. Nowadays LinkedIn has the name of showing a feed of LinkedIn influencers being reciprocal, but Linkedin has a real group of people who are always looking for insprations of work and life. Similar to Twitter/X, Linkedin emphasizes text-based content and people are primarily interested in your POV and past experiences. People concerns less about your appearance, or your lifestyle, and oversharing those aspects can yield negative repercussions. 

You can be a LinkedIn influencer if you

  • Has or had a job in business-related fields
  • Somewhat good at what you do and you have a passion to share. 
  • You are staying updated to the latest trends in your field. 

Elena Verna, a tech growth guru, produces funny and relatable memes on LinkedIn:

Don't get me wrong, being accessible to enter doesn't equal easy content to produce. To thrive on LinkedIn, you need to steer clear of the LinkedIn influencer clichés, share real insights that help other people do their work well, and cultivate a valuable professional network offline.

How You Doing GIF by Vinnie Potestivo
Source: @vinniepotestivo

Are you a blogger?

Blog is not dead (otherwise, what are we doing here?). If you feel like writing is your strongest suit and you enjoy articulating thoughts, ideas, or narrating stories in text format, then blogging might just be the perfect medium for you. In an age dominated by video and image-based content, blogs offer a refreshing depth and introspection that can deeply resonate with readers seeking substance over style. Through blogging, you have the opportunity to explore topics in depth, share expertise, and engage with a community of readers who value the written word. Besides, there are a lot of mediums to become a writer, such as Medium, Substack, Linkedin Articles, etc. 

Consider blogging, if you

  • Can write compelling pieces before the existence of ChatGPT.
  • You have deep reflections of life, relationships, or specialized technical knowledge that you are willing to share.

Becoming a content creator is never an easy journey, regardless of the platform you choose. No matter which battlefield you select, consistency and resilience will be your most crucial traits.