NEFFEX is partnering with!

NEFFEX is announcing partnership with Content creators can now download and use NEFFEX's copyrighted free tracks through and set their content on fire!

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NEFFEX announces partnership with, royalty free music platform

We are thrilled to announce that, the largest royalty-free music website with 65,000 tracks for personal use, is partnering with NEFFEX, the American musician known for the unique blend of electronic, rap, and rock music. Through this exciting partnership, content creators who like NEFFEX's music can now download their favorite tracks and use them on YouTube, TikToks, livestreams, podcasts, and more!

At, we are on a mission to provide content creators with high-quality music that’s easy to find, safe to use, and free. We are proud to partner with NEFFEX, whose high-energy tracks can add an extra edge to videos and podcasts. Like NEFFEX mentioned in his Instagram post, NEFFEX wanted to find the best spot for their copyright-free songs to live and Slip.Stream is the perfect place.

Here are some popular NEFFEX tracks that you can find on

This is War

"This is War" by NEFFEX speaks of an impending battle and the need to be prepared mentally and physically. The person acknowledges the fear and resistance they feel but emphasizes the need to trust their instincts and push themselves to their limits. NEFFEX has done an amazing job to capture the essence of the song's theme with energetic and strong beats, making it a perfect choice for gaming content creators who want to create montages or live streams of war-themed games.

This Is War - Single | Royalty Free Music |

Download This is War

The Curse

"The Curse" is a high-energy track that blends elements of rap, rock, and electronic music. NEFFEX's use of electronic beats and synthesizers adds a modern touch to the song, while the guitar riffs give it a rock edge. The lyrics describe a person who is filled with energy and hatred, and who embraces their inner demons. If you are looking to create a video about confrontations with others (for example sports teams competing), and asserting dominance, This can be a good candidate. Include visual effects such as slow-motion shots, close-ups of the person's face, and sudden flashes of light by pairing with a repeated line of "Yeah this is my curse!" - your video will be on fire!

The Curse - Single | Royalty Free Music |

Download The Curse

Born a Rockstar

"Born a Rockstar" is an upbeat, catchy song that encourages listeners to embrace their inner rockstar and live life to the fullest. With its energetic beat and catchy chorus, "Born a Rockstar" is a perfect choice for workout content that creators flex with.

Born a Rockstar - Single | Royalty Free Music |

Download Born a Rockstar

Stay Strong

"Stay Strong" is a motivational track that NEFFEX wants to inspire listeners with to persevere through difficult times and never give up. The song's empowering lyrics and dynamic production create an uplifting and motivating sound that can help creators create videos and podcasts that inspire and uplift their audience. Or, it can be the perfect track to play in-between games in a live stream.

Stay Strong (Sophia’s Song) - Single | Royalty Free Music |

Download Stay Strong

We are very excited about this partnership with NEFFEX and can't wait to see the amazing content that our users will create. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements from!

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