Royalty-free Music For Game Highlights, Montages, Livestreams, and more!'s top playlists for gaming video content. Use the music in your montage videos, highlights, battle, livestreams and more!

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Royalty-free Music For Game Highlights, Montages, Livestreams, and more!

Gaming for a living is harder than it looks.

Streamers are multitasking on so many levels. On one hand, you’re being attacked by a group of trained assassins and on the other, you have to come up with witty banter so your viewers stay engaged on your stream. The last thing you’re probably thinking about is background music.

Source: Fox/Bob’s Burgers

Plus, with so many DMCA takedowns happening in the gaming community, you must be asking yourself  “how do I add music to my videos, without risking my whole channel?”

That’s where we come in. has several playlists that are tailor-made for gamers. With the world’s largest royalty-free music catalog of over 100,000 songs and sound effects, there are limitless choices to soundtrack your gaming content.

Trapped In A Video Game

Do you have a long live stream ahead of you? Looking for ways to make sure your viewers don’t lose energy? Well, this playlist is for you. It’s serving focus for long periods of time, with dance, EDM, and hard-hidding hip hop for those long hours in battle.

Source: NBC/Manifest

Fortnite Inspired

Fornite is one of the most complex universes out there, and it’s only right that it has its own soundtrack. This playlist is for the Fortnite-heads that want an eclectic selection for their content, including hip-hop, electronic, and tracks inspired by the Fornite world.


Gaming Real-Time Strategy

Whether it's StarCraft or Call of Duty, these tracks will put you in the zone to focus and build your strategy. Curating a range of instrumentals in dance, electronic, ambient and lo-fi hip-hop. This is a great playlist for game highlights or analysis where you’re breaking down strategy.

Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Game n’ Chill -  Hip Hop

Similar to the “Trappd in a Video Game” Vibe this playlist is for long-form gaming videos like live streams or game analysis. Designed to help you and your viewers focus, this vibe serves hip hop sub-genres such as cloud rap and minimal hip hop — a perfect chill soundtrack for your longer content.


Remember the Gameboy? Well, if you don’t it was an iconic handheld gaming device that often had catchy, 8-bit jingles soundtracking the games. Think Pokemon, Mario Kart, or PacMan— that’s the energy of this playlist. Serving a 90s aesthetic with nerdy electronic, dance, and jingles that transport you back to your first Gameboy.

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