Royalty-free Music For Game Highlights, Montages, Livestreams, and more!'s top playlists for gaming video content. Use the music in your montage videos, highlights, battle, livestreams and more!

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Royalty-free Music For Game Highlights, Montages, Livestreams, and more!

Gaming for a living is harder than it looks.

Streamers are multitasking on so many levels. On one hand, you’re being attacked by a group of trained assassins in your game, and on the other, you have to come up with witty banter so your viewers stay engaged on your live gaming stream. Moreover, after you are done with your live stream, you need to put together highlights and montages for those who weren’t there. So, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is what music to use for the montages, game highlights, and live streams.

Source: Fox/Bob’s Burgers

Plus, with so many DMCA takedowns and copyright strikes happening in the gaming community, you must be asking yourself, “How do I add music to my gaming videos or montages, without risking my whole channel? Or is there still risk-free while good music to use?”

That’s where we come in. has tons of playlists that curated for gamers’ content creation need. With the world’s largest royalty-free music catalog of over 65,000 tracks 100% free for personal creators (yes, free), there are limitless choices that are risky free and royalty free to soundtrack your live stream, game highlights, and montages.

Music For Montages and Highlights


BBE, stands for Bad B***h Energy. This playlist is pretty straightforward - be a bad b***h. This is exactly what your viewers are looking for in your montages. They don’t want to see someone who plays by the rules, but a good girl gone bad. Plus BBE has all the secret sauce a great game montage needs - music with provocative lyrics or strong drum beats. Give it a try, and watch your montage blow.

Energetic songs by NEFFEX

This playlist features NEFFEX's top hits, including Born a Rock Star, Never Gonna Stop, and I Just Wanna Be Great. These tracks evoke a sense of inner strength and the potential hero within each of us. Showcase your bravery, dexterity, and precision in your montages with the inspiring songs in this playlist.

Fortnite Inspired

Fortnite is one of the most complex gaming universes out there, and it’s only right that it has its own soundtrack. This playlist is for the Fortnite-head gamers that want an eclectic selection for their content, including hip-hop, electronic, and tracks inspired by the Fortnite world, creating unique music for the montage experience.



Remember the Gameboy? Well, if you don’t, it was an iconic handheld gaming device that often had catchy, 8-bit jingles soundtracking the games. Think Pokemon, Mario Kart, or PacMan— that’s the energy of this playlist. Serving a 90s gaming aesthetic with nerdy electronic, dance, and jingles that transport you back to your first Gameboy, this playlist offers a unique choice for your music for montage selections. Create a montage that is different, nostalgic and standing out with Chiptune.

For your live streams

First look here, a collection of over 50 royalty-free playlists curated for live streamers, with over 600 tracks to choose from based on mood, genre or types of live streams. Here is our editors’ favorites:

Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah

This playlist marks the third installment in the "Sessions" series by Riot Games. This dynamic compilation of 29 vibrant tracks showcases an eclectic blend of styles such as Future Funk, French House, EDM, and Kawaii Bass, creating an exhilarating listening experience. Just hit play in between your games or waiting at the lobby, and your viewers will be chasing you for the song names

MV//MNT Artist Series Vol. 1

As a token of appreciation for our VALORANT community, we've transformed all the in-game music from Episode 5 into commercial-length versions, thanks to our collaboration with the producer, Shyloom. We've compiled these tracks into an exclusive mixtape just for you. You can stream the songs on all major streaming platforms and download them for creator-safe use.

Pizzle Pack: Volume 3

T-Pain, a groundbreaking artist, and innovative producer, turns out to be a big fan of creating great royalty-free music for creators to use. Pizzle Pack Vol. 3 has been Slip.streamers’ all-time favorites. In T-pain’s own words

If you are as awkward as f*** like me and you don't like solid in the background of your sh*t, this is the perfect thing for you. It literally is a bunch of beats and songs that won't get you DMCA'd, and it's actually good beats and songs, not that kind of royalty-free b******t.

NEFFEX - Gaming Songs

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to this playlist, which is curated around NEFFEX’s royalty-free tracks that are perfect for live streams. NEFFEX once created 100 original songs in 100 weeks, now is partnering with to offer the streamer community with good music that is worry-free, risk-free to use.

Trapped In A Video Game

Do you have a long live stream ahead of you? Looking for ways to make sure your viewers don’t lose energy? Well, this playlist is for you. It’s serving focus for long periods of time, with dance, EDM, and hard-hidding hip hop for those long hours in battle.

Source: NBC/Manifest

Gaming Real-Time Strategy

Whether it's StarCraft or Call of Duty, these tracks will put you in the zone to focus and build your strategy. Curating a range of instrumentals in dance, electronic, ambient and lo-fi hip-hop. This is a great playlist for game highlights or analysis where you’re breaking down strategy.

Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Game n’ Chill -  Hip Hop

Similar to the “Trappd in a Video Game” Vibe this playlist is for long-form gaming videos like live streams or game analysis. Designed to help you and your viewers focus, this vibe serves hip hop sub-genres such as cloud rap and minimal hip hop — a perfect chill soundtrack for your longer content.

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