Product update: a bigger and better free plan

The decision-making behind our all-free plan enables creators to take their content to the next level.

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Product update: a bigger and better free plan

Our mission at has always been to nurture creativity through music and sound - for creators and for artists.

Creators, especially those who are just starting out and not yet earning a living off their videos, want great music but don’t always have the ability to pay for a subscription. Artists, on the other hand, want to get their music into the hands (and ears!) of as many people as possible, while being fairly credited and compensated for it.

Over the last year it just became more and more apparent that the only music options out there for creators were crappy free experiences that exposed them to potential claims, strikes, and muting or paying a bunch of money every month. For artists, they’d either have to submit it to a library and be behind a paywall or risk their music being used unfairly by putting it on YouTube, Reddit, or other platforms.

It was clear to us when speaking to users and artists that something had to be done. That’s why we decided to make our Personal Plan completely free.

Starting today, individuals can sign up and get access to over 65,000 tracks that can be used on any of their personal channels, on any platform, and the cost is $0. The only requirement is to give credit to our amazing artists so that viewers can discover them and their music.

Making our Personal Plan totally free wasn’t a hard business decision when it came to creators, but artist credit and compensation is super important to us, so the only way we’d ever do it is if our amazing artists approved. After talking to the many of the musicians, producers, artists, and composers on the platform it was clear that they were in favor of this move.

First, it puts their music in the hands of more creators which provides a huge lift to their biggest goal - discoverability. Second, by increasing music discovery there will be an increased uptick in music streams and video views and the earning potential associated with it. Lastly, they will still enjoy sync revenue from our paying pro, commercial, and enterprise subscribers.

Bringing creators and artists together on one platform where they help one another achieve their goals is what is all about, and being the largest resource for royalty-free music that’s 100% free will take this mutually beneficial relationship to the next level.

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